Introducing IGNIS, a new technical and symbolic computing Software for science and educational purposes. (Inglés)

Scientific Computing


Auditorio Félix Restrepo
Viernes 08, 14:10
Fecha y hora

IGNIS is a new cross-platform desktop software designed to provide an intuitive tool for symbolic computing. The software is based on several python libraries which are integrated in a modern user interface development in C++. IGNIS can be used for scientific, engineering, and student of all levels.


All the material show and submitted to PyCon is completely new and unpublished. Also, the first software release is expected to be ready on December 2018, so we are excited to introduce our work at this conference. the talk will follow the following topics

Introduction -2 min Background - 3 min Technical aspects and Challenges - 5 min Introducion IGNIS - 8 min Demo examples - 10 min Final comments - 5 min Audience questions - 7 min